How to write a correct job description?

Job description is one of the key tools in recruiting. Writing a correct job description is necessary to save time, money and to select the most suitable person for a job. Before writing a job description, it is important to assess the job. If the job position is already exists and if you want to hire a new employee; writing the job description is pretty much easy. But if it is completely a new position, it is necessary to decide the job expectation. However, when list down the characteristics of a job, make sure to mention only the realistic expectations. Always keep the perfect candidate in your head when writing a job description.

Read these tips to write a perfect job description.

  • Start with a short description of company overview. It will help to develop the value of the job that you are going to advertise. Use short descriptions every time. Separate your descriptions into few useful sections if necessary.
  • Clearly include the job title and the location of the job. Better if you can mention the department as well.
  • Clearly describe the responsibilities associate with the job. Make sure to explain the day-to-day activities as well. But newer describe job responsibilities with long and boring paragraphs. Make all the things simple and short.
  • Describe the qualifications and experience you expect. Make sure to decide the minimum qualifications and experiences. It will help you to screen the applications easily and pick up only the candidates who satisfy the minimum requirements.
  • It is better if you can mention the salary scale as well. Clearly mention whether the job is a permanent one or a contract basis one. If the job is affected by any special rules and regulations, make sure to mention them too.
  • Clearly describe the ideal candidate you expect. You can describe the attributes you expect from the person you hire.
  • On the latter part, make sure to describe the way that prospective candidates must apply for the job. It is better if you can mention contact details of an authorized person for any clarification.

If you follow above tips when writing a job description, the probability of getting applications from the most appropriate candidates is very high. Then, it will help you to execute recruitment online in india without any difficulties, and select the most suitable person to fill the vacancy.


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